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IT Solutions
for Your Industry


Listening to the problems and using IoT ideas and products can give this industry advantages that we could never have done 15 years ago.  

Banking & Financial Services

When we first were given the opportunity to bring our services to a bank we knew that three points needed to be hit.  Security, Service and Backup, these three points helped us gain valuable experience which we us with all of our clients.


Keeping cost down but still delivering a product that can be abused by many but needs to be reliable everyday.  We have systems that can meet the cost and daily use that school districts are needing.  Think outside the box and let us help your bottom line.

Energy & Utilities

With our extensive background in the Energy field, we have helped companies automate Plants, Facilities and Refineries.  Our programming skills allow us to costume design data gathering points from SCADA devices.


Using our drone and identification software we have been able to ease the dependency on labor and turn it into a smarter way of securing areas.

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