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Building YOUR Vision NOT their stock.    Built on YOUR Needs NOT on their sales.

PLC by Design NOT by profit.                  Forged for Future NOT for failure.

Built better for YOU

DracoFS is here to provide any and all automation needs.

From controlling single pumping units to large scale refining operations, Draco flies above the competition with our Built for Purpose PLC and SCADA package. Complete flexibility from our PLC allows for additional functionality whenever it's needed.


Large companies such as Allen-Bradley and Emerson are built for profit, charging you for their name. Building our PLCs for YOU, we are able to bring the saving to YOU.


50% less $$$ than the name brands

Full compatibility

Quick and easy service

Any screen can be an HMI


Call to schedule a walk through and we can have a conversation on what we can provide to you. Afterwards we can get to work on proving to YOU why were better.


½ time, ½ cost

Twice the Productivity!

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